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A product that meets change head on.

help people learn better!

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accessible learning

Hands-on micro learning aimed to grow knowledge, build competencies and close skill gaps.


happy users

24/7 enabling staff to access, share, engage new knowledge as needed, and get any learning completed on time.


Rich experience

Users access and experience a wide range of content types - video, resources, training materials, and documents.

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reduce costs

A single modern product built to centralise learning, help organisations plan and deliver quality training with ease. Providing staff with on demand information as, and when needed.

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analyse training

Progress can be easily quizzed & reported, enabling managers to identify performance knowledge gaps as well as focus on skills needing improvement and provide valuable feedback.

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slash admin time

Reduce admin errors and effort with a product that is built to effortlessly create, manage, and track all forms of training. Automate recurring admin tasks saving a lot of time.

Build a continuous learning culture.

Everything an organisation needs to grow knowledge and keep ahead of change.

Continuous Learning
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Publishing is a breeze. Upload Video, SCORM, HTML5. Add embedded links, and documents. Copy a Course!

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Mobile Ready

Mobile ready out of the box! Access learning and resources on any connected mobile device.

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LEARNING discovery

Deliver, & track learning experience. Self-directed content, classroom, to compliance training.

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Assess skills

Powerful built-in assessment & quiz functionality plus powerful reporting metrics.

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assign & share

Assign learning that matches your workplace needs. Share resources & information amongst colleagues.

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Create unlimited online or in-person sessions, add trainers, reschedule, self-enrol. Track, and report it all!


Powerful reporting.

dive into learning performance and skill assessment metrics.

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deep reporting

Plenty of actionable insight - learning, people, group, managers, quiz through to resources.

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stats & charts

View stats along with dynamic charts displaying key information.

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data grid

Drill down using our smart grid - show & hide columns, sort, and get refined details.

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export reports

Export data PDF, or as csv data. Analyse deeper in Power BI with our smart templates.

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powerful filters

Apply a range of filters to quickly drill down to the data you need to analyse and report on.

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save and share

Save filtered report states to easily retrieve later. Share reports to others.


For more on our Reports go here.



AWS for trust, and reliability.

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data security

Data security is our highest priority. Cognise uses Amazon Web Services to ensure trust, security, and reliability to our customers.

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single sign on

Users can authenticate via your organisation's SAML 2.0 identity provider (Azure-AD, Okta, Google) and be automatically signed into Cognise.

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User management

Account Provisioning. Modify user permissions and manage people, access to content, and learning from a single, secure administration interface.


For more on our security go here.

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