How it Works

Cognise helps workplaces organise and manage employee training, aligning learning to what the business needs to stay current, and helping employees enjoy learning while developing job & career ready skills. 

Cognise consolidates all learning in one place while providing admins visibility and control into everything that's happening. Deliver real value to teams by enabling self-directed learning, and support Managers with real-time metrics.


Engaging Platform

A modern on demand platform designed to engage and focus users hands-on via micro personalised learning, helping close skill gaps and build required knowledge quickly.


Managers Love It!

Empower your time poor managers! Managers can help their team grow - quickly assign, track learning, & view key team learning metrics all in one place.


Experience Rich Content

Through a great user experience staff can quickly build skills they need. Our experts can craft complete programs, or engineer integrations to meet your L & D goals.

Break old habits and reboot learning

Most learning systems revolve solely around content, missing the critical component of people engagement.

Modularised Learning Blocks

Digitally focussed course content is broken into modules consisting of a range of content types video, HTML5, embedded links, images (jpg, png, gif) and PDF documents. Smart quizzes can be created in modules.

Creation and sharing of digital learning resources is a breeze.

Cognise has a powerful classroom registration workflow and automated appointment notifications, along with rescheduling and cancel features - all able to be done by users and on mobile.


Effective Communication with Colleagues

Cognise presents a powerful communications engine where segmented messages can be targeted and sent or shared to groups. Personal profiles can display standard as well as custom fields further enhancing People Management. 

Business Groups easily map to the organisation's corporate structure, and SSO when enabled reflects key attributes as seen in Azure-Active Directory (or Google, OKTA) with reporting reflecting your organisational requirements.



Accessible Knowledge

On demand 24 x 7 accessibility on any device. Self-directed learning can be quickly found, via topics which can be tailored around customer requirements.

Our short-term roadmap includes Collections - Content aggregation from internal/external sources. Approvals workflow, and the mapping of personalised goal driven learning paths.