Enjoy learning.

our mission

life is short. make every learning experience count.


Smart. Dependable. Personal.

our core values.

We have simple values - we roll up our sleeves and just get stuck in. We like to think we are smart - clever enough to understand problems and solve them, dependable - big enough to deliver on commitments we make, and personal - small enough to really care about helping our customers reach their goals.


Our Story

Cognise (which means 'to know') grew out of necessity training thousands of end users in large change focussed technology rollouts. We are a people focussed brand. We are only successful due to our sustained passion for helping customers reach challenging end goals safely.

There's a lot of effort, teamwork, talent, and collective customer interface experience that goes into shaping and building a purposeful product people want to use in their workplace.

Our track record means we will continue to set a very high bar in terms of outcomes we expect to deliver to our customers. We aim to continue to be averagely excellent : )

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Meet the team.

Matthew Mills

CTO, Founder, Lead Engineer

Peter Bergantino

Founder, Head of Product

Shiree Hart

Founder, Enterprise Sales

divya chopra

Software Tester


Nicky Ward

Finance & Operations

Mario alcalde

Support Engineer


Oliver Parle

Digital Designer

Hannah Jones

Product Trainer


flo dixon

Media Specialist

Jo Warren

Change Manager


jessica taylor

Change Consultant


Join our team.

We’re actively looking for new team members to join us on this challenging journey, and who are going to make an impact in the way workplace learning and industry skill development is undertaken.

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