Learning with ease.

user friendly software.

Simple, clear Structure

A simple learning homepage with quick access to Favourites, and Past Learning. Users can start or continue with assigned or new learning.


built in quiz

Admins can build in knowledge checks and assessments, then track results.

Users can complete on any device.


share to colleagues

Users can share courses, programs and resources to other colleagues.


user notifications

Users are notified on the important stuff and they also have options to choose what other notifications they receive and how often.

Trainers can be notified of any messages.

Manager and Admin users can choose to receive weekly and/or monthly summaries.


View HTML5

Users can learn from a variety of HTML5 and SCORM content types.

Learn through hands-on interactions along with video and embedded quizzes to assess knowledge retention.


View Resources

Load unlimited resources as documents to be viewed as video, HTML5, embeds, or open as external web pages. Users can share and favourite. Admins can track and report on views. Need to update a resource? No problem - add a new version.


view documents

Users can view various file types as well as images.

For PDF view, zoom in and out, paginate quickly, and download. Simple!