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Workplace training. technology rollouts. Industry Skills Training.

Workplace Training

Workplace Training

Deploy Cognise as a feature rich modern learning platform.

Quickly provision, match your corporate groups and hierarchy, add people. Introduce custom content, add resources and courses, introduce content libraries, enable SSO, integrate with external systems.

Use for compliance training, and utilise the power of our assigning workflow for existing staff, or onboarding new. Build knowledge and skills through professional pathways. Provide staff with a pocket knowledge repository with job relevant resources.

Tech Rollout

Technology Rollout

Use Cognise for transformation projects rolling out new technologY.

Cognise is built ready for rapid deployment, perfect for any type of workforce including large, or distributed workforces.

Quickly shape the learning you require, add digital content, and deliver training via online learning and/or classroom training sessions. Track and report on progress in real time.

Industry Training

Industry Skills Training

Utilise Cognise as a centralised tool for managing skill assessment.

Trainees, supervisors and assessors all benefit from simple workflows and anytime access.

Use for learning engagement, learning communications, performance assessment and skill validation, knowledge checks, activity tracking, and accurate reporting. Trainees have mobile access out of the box!

We also develop and deliver customised training and digital solutions for employers to meet their requirements for job-ready, skilled employees.


Getting started is easy!

We’ll help you customise your learning workflow to ensure maximum productivity gains.

Bespoke Training and Onboarding
Tailor onboarding, content, and training plans to ensure ease of adoption into your workflows and processes.

Customer Success Manager
A single point of contact to help you prepare and easily implement Cognise including company setup, people imports, groups and managers, custom fields, plan for existing learning data migration, and enable integrations such as SSO.

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