Communications workflow could not be easier.

create communications, send & receive email messages.


Segment and Target

Refine who needs to receive the communication and apply various filters or enrolment statuses.


Complete bulk Actions

Maintain a clean Inbox. Select messages you want to Mark as Done, Pin for later reference, or Delete.


share learning

Everyone can share to other users.

Admins can also copy links and paste into an email.


Notify Users of session enrolments

Staff and trainers are automatically notified of their class registration, and can immediately add the appointment to their calendar.

When a session is updated, or placed on hold or a registration to a session is cancelled an update is automatically triggered.

Session reminders can be optionally self-set to send 24hrs before in addition to calendar setting.


Create Reusable Templates

Create and save reusable message templates and quickly apply to outgoing messages.


Keep the Messages Hub clean

Add your company disclaimers to config so automated reply messages with zero content do not arrive and clutter the inbox.