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Learning and performance consulting.

We work alongside you to understand your business and identify performance problems blocking or preventing progress, connectivity, or increased productivity. This can be via manager workshops to determine your main areas of focus along with the requirements necessary to build a learning worker mindset. Then, we'll assist by devising a learning map where we can shape the right blend of solutions - for example, collaborative knowledge based resources, self-directed courses, and defining performance metrics than can be reported to maximise effectiveness. 

At the onset, you can also request tailored topics and introduce and shape content aligned to your workplace’s key Learning & Development objectives.


Training Plan

Technology training plan. 

We understand corporates. We often work with businesses in transformational projects rolling out technology to hundreds or thousands of staff. Our team can map out the systems, tools and topics your people need to learn across all experience levels. We will help you identify performance gaps and develop a plan to overcome any resistance to change, or skill barriers impacting on productivity, and those needing to meet ongoing compliance requirements. 

The end result will be a blended approach, also utilising our platform to effectively manage, deliver, and track your training and productivity gains.


Content Build

Content integration, design & build.

We work with you to understand your digital learning requirements as well as face to face. Our technical team can integrate libraries of digital content matching topics you've defined.

When building custom content we storyboard and present prototypes from which final modules can be modelled. Courses can incorporate quizzes and multiple content types.

Our team also create digital and offline printable workbooks, training materials. Allfields are recognised industry experts in Microsoft Office and Adobe template development equipping you with a comprehensive high quality, shareable and reusable resource set which will help your people perform better.


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