Workshop workflow could not be easier.

create classroom, add in-person or online sessions - let people self-enrol.

Sessions Self Enrol

Add bulk registrations

Admins & Trainers can register single, or multiple people.


Mark Attendance Digitally

Trainers can quickly mark off attendance and view or set to allow attendees to mark themselves as having attended.

Trainers can also download and print sign in sheets where internet connectivity might be limited.


Online Events

Creating online webinars, events and meetings is a breeze.

Cognise also integrates tightly with Microsoft Teams. Admins or trainers use the same classroom workflow and choose Microsoft Teams Event to schedule a Teams based Meeting.

Invites are automatically triggered to participants who can accept into their calendar. When the event is live they simply click the Cognise url provided and on launch will join the online teams meeting.

Online Sessions

CALENDAR invites

Staff and trainers are automatically notified of their class registration.

When a session is updated, or placed on hold or a registration to a session is cancelled an update is automatically triggered along with a calendar invite.

Session reminders can be optionally self-set to send 24hrs before in addition to calendar setting.


Track attendance progress through detailed metrics. Apply filters, view registrations, absents, and attendance against room capacity and evaluate across all sessions or a filtered range.



View across the classroom module to quickly see key metrics and gather insights.